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Humak's Thesis Manual, Bachelor's degree

Maturity test

For University of Applied Sciences’ degrees, students must write a maturity test in the field of their thesis, which shows familiarity with the field and proficiency of Finnish or Swedish (Section 8 of the Government Decree on Universities of Applied Sciences, Valtioneuvoston asetus ammattikorkeakouluista, 1129/2014). The maturity test is written in the student's language of education. The language of education is determined by the language used in the student's primary or grammar school, and from which the student has got an accepted grade in mother tongue (in Finnish or Swedish) in their diploma. If the student has been educated in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, the maturity test will be written in the language used in the degree programme. The assignment in the maturity test is to write a press release or some other product that promotes the work carried out in the final project, such as a published blog post.

In the maturity test, the student demonstrates the depth of their knowledge on the topic they have researched. In order for the maturity test to be approved, it has to be prepared in a professional manner. The text must conform to the requirements of good and objective professional style and have a clear and coherent structure, linguistic form and appearance. The maturity test is written on the day the thesis is submitted or at another agreed time after that. The content as well as the linguistic form of the maturity test are assessed. However, no grade is given for the maturity test, but it is assessed on the approved – not complete basis. The evaluation must be given within one week of writing the maturity test. If the maturity test is assessed as “not complete”, the student will be given feedback before the repeat attempt.