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Humak's Thesis Manual, Bachelor's degree

Thesis ethical instructions

Thesis ethical instructions

Humak is committed to the HTK guideline for good scientific practices. Good scientific practices consists of research ethics guidelines, which include informing subjects, requesting the subject's consent and complying with the data protection regulation in the processing of personal data, among other things. The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (ARENE) has prepared ethical guidelines for UAS theses to support thesis studies and supervision. Humak follows these instructions. Good scientific practice also includes referring to the publications of others in an appropriate manner. You can find Humak's source reference guide here.

When researching organizations, the process also includes applying for a research permit. An permit is usually requested via the organisation's own research permit form. Humak also has a research permit, which is used when researching Humak's own operations, for example by conducting surveys that are answered by Humak's students or staff.

Humak is a member of the Ethics Committee of Humanities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Polytechnics. Upon request, the Commission conducts an ethical evaluation of its member organizations and issues opinions on plans that are not subject to the evaluation of regional medical ethical activities under the Medical Research Act. The committee does not deal with bachelor's theses, but the master's thesis plan may require an ethical pre-assessment. The need to apply for a statement is discussed with the thesis supervisor.

For more information

Document templates - such as Participation Information Sheet and Participant Consent Form - can be found in the Student's Guide under Thesis > "Other forms needed for your thesis."

If a personal data register is formed during the research, a separate data protection statement must be made. This statement can be made by filling out the Research Data Protection Privacy Policy form. This can also be found in the location mentioned above. The form is then saved to Wihi. Read more about the personal data register and in what cases one is formed from If you are unsure whether you need a data protection statement or not, contact your thesis supervisor.