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Humak's Thesis Manual, Bachelor's degree

Rectification of evaluation

A written evaluation is provided of the thesis, and the student is given an opportunity to examine the evaluation promptly after it has been given. The student may choose to discuss the evaluation criteria with the evaluators. If the author and the evaluators of the thesis do not agree about the evaluation, the following procedure shall be observed: 

  1. The students shall ask for rectification of the evaluation of the thesis in writing from the teacher supervising the final project. The request for rectification shall be made to the supervising teacher within seven days of when the written evaluation of the thesis has been given to the student. The supervising teacher will examine reasons for the request, request the opinion of a third party if necessary and discuss with the student before answering the request for rectification. 

  2. A student who is dissatisfied with the decision to a request for rectification may apply for rectification of that decision from the Humak Examination Board within 14 days from the date of having been notified of the decision on the request for rectification.  

  3. The Humak Examination Board processes the request for rectification prepared for presentation by the Chairperson of the Board. The board does not have a schedule for processing the request. The board shall inform the student of its decision. The board will not re-evaluate the thesis, but it can either confirm the evaluation or resubmit the thesis to be re-evaluated.