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Humak's Thesis Manual, Bachelor's degree

Topic proposal and cooperation agreement of the final project/thesis

The form of the topic proposal should be: needs (why it is developed), objectives (what is developed and what is the goal), measures (how it is developed), results (what is the end product). The topic proposal includes the thesis commissioner's information. Creating a topic proposal is practiced during the Development practices course, which includes creating an idea paper for a thesis.

Not all working life commissions are suitable for final projects as such. Sometimes the project may be too routine to be considered a topical, interesting and significant work in the professional sector, as specified in the evaluation criteria of theses and final projects. At times, the commissioner’s order may be too extensive. It is the supervising teacher’s task to ensure that the goals are set for the work are realistic and within the limits of the time or resources available for the final project. In most cases, the subject can be limited or expanded when making the cooperation agreement. 

It is recommended that the thesis cooperation agreement be completed face-to-face at the workplace or through a video connection to ensure that all parties understand each other. If the agreement is drawn up remotely without the parties meeting each other, the agreement often becomes just a formality with minor significance. The agreement is prepared on the Humak’s thesis cooperation agreement template. When making the agreement, it is important to highlight the section of the agreement according to which all theses are published in the Theseus online library. Any permits and confidentiality obligations must be clarified in the agreement negotiations. It is also important to discuss salary or compensation. 

The thesis can also be connected to the author’s own business. In such cases, there is no need for a cooperation agreement, as the author does not need to order the work from himself/herself. A thesis or final project on the development of the student’s own business can only be successful if the operations of the business are genuinely renewed or the business is genuinely started, and the project is not just about mapping or planning business opportunities. 

The student shall print the thesis agreement and fill in the necessary contact information in the form before signing the cooperation agreement. Actual signatures are not needed. The student will upload the cooperation agreement to Wihi, and link it to the project commissioner's email address before sending it to the commissioner. Once the commissioner has answered the message and agreed to the contract, the commissioner has agreed to the contract terms. A thesis supervisor will also approve the message chain. Once all participants have accepted the contract, it is valid. The contract and all related messages are saved in Wihi.