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Humak's Thesis Manual, Bachelor's degree

From the first idea to the final seminar

Humak uses Wihi as a platform for working on theses. Wihi relays messages between the student, a thesis supervisor and a thesis commissioner. A thesis proposal, a thesis plan, a thesis cooperation agreement and different turn-in stages of theses are processed in Wihi.

Wihi is also the place where a thesis gets its final evaluation. Wihi works together with Thesis (Bachelor) learning environment found in Humak's Hoodle online learning environment.

The learning environment's tabs have information about how the thesis process works for specific degree programmes, educational structures and classes. You don't have to register anywhere else to start your thesis progress.

More information about how Wihi works can be found here.

The final project/thesis process usually progresses as follows 

  1. A student or a student group will prepare a topic proposal and save it in Wihi.

  2. If there is more than one creator, only one student will save the topic proposal in Wihi, and invites other members as a part of the thesis group in Wihi. 

  3. A thesis coordinator receives the topic proposal in Wihi, and either accepts the proposal or asks that the proposal be supplemented 

  4. A student makes a thesis plan and saves it to Wihi

  5. A lecturer either approves the plan or asks that the plan is amended

  6. Once the topic proposal has been accepted, a thesis coordinator chooses a supervisor and a second evaluator for your thesis. 

  7. Thesis commissioner, supervisor and thesis make write a cooperation agreement in Wihi. 

  8. The student works on their thesis under the supervision and guidance of the thesis supervisor and working life instructor.

  9. Messaging concerning the thesis is wholly done through Wihi. 

  10. The student sends their nearly completed work for a pre-evaluation in Wihi. 

  11. Once the student’s thesis or final project is nearly finished, it will be discussed in the final project seminar, which will take place between 1 to 2 weeks before the theses/final projects are submitted for evaluation. 

  12. The student submits a finished version to the Urkund plagiarism checker through Wihi. 

  13. The student submits a thesis for evaluation through Wihi within the deadline which they have been given. 

  14. The student shall take a maturity test according to given instructions. 

  15. The student shall save their thesis in the Theseus online database, and add a Theseus link to their work in Wihi. Only after this can the student see their grade in Wihi.