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Humak's Thesis Manual, Bachelor's degree

Evaluation and submitting a thesis for evaluation

The assessment schedules for the theses are specific to each degree program. Find out about the schedules for your own program.

Before the final evaluation a thesis presentation will be held at a seminar, where a student gets feedback on their thesis from the thesis supervisor and peer reviewers. Asking for feedback from the thesis commissioner is an important part of the thesis finalization process as well. After the seminar, the thesis can still be edited so that the student gets the thesis approved or may be able to achieve a better grade. 

The finalized version should be submitted with accessibility markings and in PDF/A format to Wihi through the plagiarism checking program included in it. A thesis review is based on this version, and afterwards the thesis cannot be changed. The same version will be uploaded to Theseus.

The options for uploading the thesis to Theseus are either:

1. Theses (Open collection) i.e. thesis is freely available in Theseus.

2. Theses (Restricted collection) i.e. thesis can only be read online at Humak University of Applied Sciences local network.

The metadata (author, title, subject terms, summary) of the uploaded thesis in both collections are visible to everyone online. The PDF/A file of thesis stored in a limited collection will not open except in IP addresses defined by the Humak University of Applied Sciences. The students can choose the collection in which they will upload their thesis.

Before submitting the thesis to Theseus, the student must check that there are no privacy-sensitive issues in the thesis or its attachments, such as phone numbers. The description field in the Theseus submission should be left blank.

Finnish universities of applied sciences have signed an open declaration of science and students are encouraged to publish openly whenever possible. The thesis is always a public document to which all interested parties can get acquainted (Act on the Openness of Government Activities 621/1999). If one wants to explore the work of a limited collection outside the university's network, the university must offer them the opportunity to do so regardless of the restrictions listed above.

A thesis return process works like this

  1. A thesis gets a peer review and feedback from the thesis supervisor at a thesis seminar 
  2. Finishing a thesis text and uploading it to Wihi, and through it to Urkund plagiarism checker
  3. Taking the maturity test 
  4. Uploading a thesis to the Theseus web repository
  5. Evaluation of a thesis and writing a statement in Wihi
  6. Adding the Theseus link of the thesis to Wihi
  7. If all parts of the studies are complete, you can apply for a degree certificate

The thesis has two evaluators, one of which is usually the supervising teacher. A second reviewer is called the second evaluator. The evaluators write a one-page statement about the thesis and give the thesis a grade on the following scale: Satisfactory (1–2), Good (3─4) or Excellent (5). Theses are assessed based on the knowledge and information exhibited in the literary contribution of the final project. The success of the output of the project is not necessarily assessed, because failure can also produce valuable experience and knowledge.