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Wihi guide for students

How to use Wihi

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You will receive notifications from Wihi in your email as soon as anyone sends you a message or marks your credits there.

When logged into Wihi, you can click a question mark in the upper right corner of the screen for more instructions. For more detailed instructions refer to phases 1-5 in this guide. The image below illustrates the entire process.

The thesis process. A student or a group of students write a topic proposal which is uploaded into Wihi. If there is more than one author, only one person will upload the topic proposal into Wihi and adds the other students as a part of the thesis group. Thesis coordinators receive topic proposals and either accept them or asks that the proposals are amended. Students write a thesis plan and upload it to Wihi. The subscriber, author and the supervising teacher sign a thesis agreement in Wihi. Students works on their theses, supported by their supervising teachers and guidance counselors. Messaging related to the thesis is done through Wihi. Students send their nearly completed work to Wihi for review before the final evaluation. Students send their finalized theses to the Urkund plagiarism checker through Wihi. Students submit their theses for final evaluation through Wihi within their given deadlines. Students complete the maturity test according to given instructions. Students submit their thesis in the Theseus open repository and links their published work to Wihi. After this, students can see the grade their thesis was given. The thesis if finished.