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Wihi guide for students

Phase 1: Creating a topic proposal

First, check from the upper right corner that you’re proposing a topic for the correct degree programme. Some students might have access to Open University’s programmes, do not choose those.

The first page asks you to create a topic proposal. If you’re making a thesis in pairs or groups, the page has an option to add other students as participants (Invite group members) from the dropdown menu.

Give basic information about your thesis (title, schedule etc.). Some degree programmes do not have specialization options. If your degree program does not have one, just write the name of your degree programme.

Next, you’re asked to write a summary about the topic of your thesis. You have already made a preliminary plan during your studies in the “Development practices” course, which you can use as a basis for the summary.

The form of the topic proposal should be: needs, objectives, measures, results. Write the topic proposal thoughtfully, because based on the proposal your thesis topic is either accepted, or a request to supplement your proposal is made.

Project subscriber information is also added to the topic proposal. At the end of the page is a box, which you need to check in order to agree to comply with good scientific practices. Remember to press the submit button. If you’d like to continue filling out the form later, you can save it as a draft.

After you’ve sent the thesis topic proposal, a thesis coordinator will process it forward to your own thesis supervisor. The proposal is either accepted or a request to supplement it is made. You will be notified of thesis proposal acceptance in Wihi, so make sure to keep a close eye on the messages. You can read Wihi messages from your email, or straight from Wihi.

Please note that messages cannot be automatically transferred from email addresses to other email addresses. Note: if you’re working on a thesis with one or more partners, they need to accept a request to join your thesis group in Wihi, before the process can continue. Make sure other group members accept the invite to join your thesis group. Only after this can the instructor mark your topic proposal as accepted.