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Wihi guide for students

Phase 2: Creating a thesis plan

Once your topic proposal has been accepted and you have been assigned a thesis supervisor, you need to write a more detailed and expanded version of your topic proposal: a thesis plan. Instructions for a thesis plan can be found from the thesis manual. Send your thesis plan through Wihi to your thesis supervisor. The supervisor will accept your thesis plan, or ask that you make changes to it.

At all phases of the Wihi process, you can create different tasks and schedules for yourself in Wihi. The purpose of the assignments is to help you and your thesis supervisor to understand the process of your thesis. Tasks can include, for example, "acquiring a knowledge base," "making a survey," "contacting interviewees," etc. When the task is done, and you make a note of it in Wihi, your thesis supervisor also receives the information. Assignments can only be created and marked as done by the student, not the supervisor. Wihi also asks for timetables for completing the different stages (1/3-3/3). This, too, is important to outline, as the schedule helps the supervisor to outline the student’s thesis completion goals. The given schedules do not affect when the thesis will finally be completed, i.e., the final implementation schedule may deviate from them.