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Wihi guide for students

Phase 5: Finishing and evaluating a thesis

When your thesis is complete, upload it to Wihi as a single pdf/a file through the plagiarism checker integrated in Wihi. See the accessibility guide for how to customize your work to pdf/a form. The same guide also provides information on what else you need to do to make the thesis accessible. Before sending the file check that the file size is less than 100mb. Your thesis supervisor and a second evaluator will write a statement. The review points are the same as in the thesis manual. The review points in Wihi are as follows:

  • Significance of the final project to the professional sector, emphasis 50%
  • Generation of knowledge and competence, emphasis 30%
  • Appearance and readability of the thesis, emphasis 20%

Thesis return deadlines are strict, be sure to find out what they are ahead of time. When returning a thesis compare the title of your thesis in Wihi to the title of your actual thesis to see that they match. If the title has changed, be sure to update the new title to Wihi as well. This is important because the thesis title in Wihi is the one that will be saved in PDP and the study register. The name of the thesis file should be in the format Surname_Firstname. 

Once your thesis has been evaluated (you will be informed of this via Wihi), add a Theseus link to your thesis to Wihi. A URN-link for your thesis becomes available after your thesis is published on Theseus by an informaticist. A link to your work is formed after you upload your thesis, but it doesn't yet have the URN-address at the beginning of the link ( If you copy your link at this time, remember to add to the beginning of the link, otherwise Wihi doesn't recognize the link as genuine. Instructions on how to submit your thesis to Theseus can be found in the Student's Guide under How to submit your thesis.

After you’ve added the link, your work will be archived in Wihi. Once this is done you can read your thesis evaluation. Save your evaluation in pdf format and add it to your degree certificate. Do this before you graduate, because after that you won't be able to log in to Wihi.

Once your thesis has been graded, and you’ve completed the maturity test, your thesis is done. The maturity test is not done in Wihi. For more detailed instructions on the maturity test, consult your degree programmes and educational structures thesis supervisor.

After this phase you have completed stage (3/3) of your thesis, and it will be registered to Wihi and PDP.