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Wihi guide for students

Phase 4: Working on your thesis

Various events, such as thesis workshops, are organized to help you with working on your thesis. Information about these events can be found from various tabs on your digital learning environment. There are a lot of tabs, and every student has access to them. Please take care to only follow the tabs of your own degree programme and educational structure.

When working on your thesis, different forms are needed to inform the participants of your research on the contents and ask for their approval for joining the research. If you are collecting personal data register information, you have to fill in a privacy statement form. You can find the different forms in the Student's Guide on "Other forms needed for your thesis" (In Finnish on "Muita opinnäytetyön tekemiseen liittyviä dokumentteja"). Discuss with your thesis supervisor and make sure which forms are needed, fill them out, and save them on Wihi.

You can also ask questions from your thesis supervisor. When your thesis is close to completion, in its pre-check phase (different degree programmes and educational structures have different names for these), send it through Wihi to your thesis supervisor as a Word document. The maximum file size is 100mb. Take note that thesis return deadlines are strict. Make sure you know your degree programmes and educational structures deadlines.

After this phase you have completed stage 2/3 of your thesis, which will be registered to Wihi.