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Information resources for Adventure and Outdoor Education: Finding journal articles

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google's search engine that searches scholarly literature, such as theses, books, abstracts, online repositories, academic publishers etc. You can find both full-text articles and abstracts through the service. 

If you login with your Humak credentials or save Humak as your library in your Google Scholar settings you will see materials that are in Humak collections in Google Scholar search results (you will see text "Fulltext Humak next to the search results, please see the image below)

  • Logging in with Humak username and password: use the link in Humak Finna's database list (choose the link called Search the database) and login with your Humak credentials if asked to.   
  • Saving Humak as your library in the  Google Scholar settings: go to Google Scholar
    • Click the three lines in the upper left corner and choose Settings - Library Links
    • Write "Humak" to the search and press enter
    • Click the box next to Humak and choose Save


Results from Humak library materials in Google Scholar search

Humak Finna international e-resources search

Humak library's Humak Finna has an international e-resources search that includes links to peer-reviewed academic articles and e-books. 

Via the Humak Finna international e-resources search you will find both open access content and content that Humak library has subscribed to. Login to Humak Finna with your Humak username and password to ensure that you see all the content you have access to! 

Often the e-resources search gives you a large number of results and it often is a good idea to narrow the search. Especially these methods of narrowing down the search are helpful:

  1. Narrow down the search to peer-reviewed material in order to see results that have gone through the academic peer-review process and more likely to be of higher quality than some other results. 
  2. Only go through the content that has full text available if you wish to see results that are immediately available to you. However, If you wish to perform a thorough search of a topic it might be a good idea to even go through other results and see if you can find a way to access the articles. You can always ask Humak library for help!

Other ways of finding open access articles

Different academic institutions have parallel published versions of their staff's publications in their institutional repositories. Also Humak has an open repository, Theseus, that includes theses and other publications of all the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. 

Besides library search interfaces and Google Scholar there are also other ways to search and access open content. Unpaywall is a browser extension that harvests content from over 50,000 journals and open-access repositories.