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Information resources for Adventure and Outdoor Education: Finding books and e-books

Humak Library basics

There is a library at all Humak campuses. The contact details and opening hours for all the libraries can be found at Humak Finna. Humak library has both print and electronic collections. Use Humak Finna to search across all of the library’s collections. Nurmijärvi campus has the best collections in adventure and outdoor education. You can narrow your search in Humak Finna and choose to focus your search on a specific library's collection. If you need material that is only available on another Humak campus library, please use the order form found on record information pages in Humak Finna. 

E-books via Humak Finna

You can find all of Humak's e-books via Humak Finna.

If you want to search onli online material you can narrow down the search to e-books only either by choosing Narrow Seach - Available online or Verkkoaineistot from the organization part. These give slightly different results. 

Narrowing search in Finna

You can find all of Humak's e-books via Humak Finna. Click the book title below to see an example of how an e-book record looks in Humak Finna.

Humak uses several different e-book service providers. The login method is always the same: use your Humak haka login username and password (that you use in BB Open LMS). 

The user interfaces are slightly different. E-books can either be read online in the browser or they can be downloaded for offline reading. Sometimes both these options are available.

If you need help with e-books, please check out the links to different e-book providers' help pages below. You can also contact 

Suggest a purchase

If you wish to suggest a new purchase to the library's collections, please use the link below to let the library know your suggestion. The link to the form is also on the Humak Finna front page.

Interlibrary loans

Humak library users can also order books and article copies from other Finnish libraries such as the Finnish National Repository Library or other higher education libraries. 

You can search the collections of the National Repository Library via Humak Finna by making a search and then choosing the National Repository tab from the search results page. ​The collections of other Finnish libraries can be found via databases Melinda and

Please contact your own campus library if you wish to make orders from the collections of other libraries. 

Finding e-books online

​In addition to library e-book collections you can also find e-books for example via DOAB (Directory of Open Access Ebooks) and Google Books (please note that many of the e-books found via Google Books only contain parts of the content).